Neuromatic Game Art

Critical Play With Neurointerfaces


Dérive performance – Critical Philosophy Play

In a performative card game, we orientate ourselves on a reinterpretation of Dérive and Detournement as a mind game. AI ethics, generative text and performance are grotesquely coupled with an interpassive mind reading device. We invite you to indulge yourself: the staged generation of artistic research texts, the oracle of neuro interfaces and somatic experience. We play sensory expansion and introspection in the fog of time.


GPT2 poetry Game,  Performance with Mindclouds Installation, Staging Philosophy with Mark Coeckelbergh, Mind_Future Telling Card Game

GPT2 poetry game
Performance with Mindclouds Installation
Staging Philosophy with Mark Coeckelbergh
Mind_Future Telling Card Game

Pseudocode Protocol