Neuromatic Game Art

Critical Play With Neurointerfaces


KOPFGELD. Ludic Eigenface Currency Converter game | re:publica

KOPFGELD, Neuromatic Game Art group / Jahrmann / Glasauer 2023

This Low Interaction game defines the price of your face. By looking into a game you agree that your photo is stored, sent through an AI, and synthesized as collective EIGENFACE. Your new synthesized face receives a “SCORE”. If you are closest to the middleface of re:publica visitors you can receive a GELDSCHEIN.

Holt Euch Euer eigenes individualisiertes KOPFGELD 

— AI diffusioniert, face transformiert…

By looking into a camera you agree (=Dark Pattern) that your face will be used to train a closed art AI system. From all locally stored faces a “face that does not exist” is calculated – it looks like you, but does not actually exist. The new face is an OWN face. This face is scored by an AI: the “score” is higher the closer the calculated face is to the average score of all RE:Publica visitors.

The “bounty” installation transforms Your face. It is a CURRENCY CONVERTER. They see their current value. Their “bounty.”

Follow up of our #Neuromatic #AI labyrinth 2023 series:

Installation outcome:  

1900.— faces daily @ Republica- after four days of KOPFGELD AI  

1200.– HIGHSCORE GELDSCHEINE…. each different, generated by stable diffusion (approved by Björn Ommer, LMU, developer and opens source releaser of Stable diffusion)  

TNX to #CASH topic of #RP23. – Berlin rulez!!!